Nested Data display in table

Trying to build a table to display MS Graph User Mail rules. Currently having issues displaying Actions (and likely conditions) as they are nested data within each rule.

Below is Get-Member of single rule.actions data. Only looking to display a few fields (delete/moveToFolder/…)

Stuck on how to write this in the New-UDTableColumn.

Things have tried:

New-UDTableColumn -Property Actions -Title Actions -Sort $True -Render { 
    $Actions = [pscustomobject] @{
        Delete = $EventData.Actions.Delete
        ForwardTo = $EventData.Actions.ForwardTo
        MoveToFolder = $EventData.Actions.MoveToFolder
        PermanentDelete = $EventData.Actions.PermanentDelete
        RedirectTo =  $EventData.Actions.RedirectTo



New-UDTableColumn -Property Actions -Title Actions -Sort $True -Render { 
  ForEach ($ActionProperty in $ActionProperties) {
  "$ActionProperty : $EventData.Actions.$ActionProperty"

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.28.2

Did you ever figure this out?