Navigation adding extra /site

Hi there, when using PowerShell Universal navigation (per below), links are appending an extra site name to the link which results in a 404.

I.e. site is at http://server/dashboard1/page1, however navigation links send to http://server/dashboard1/dashboard1/page1


$Navigation = New-UDSideNav -Content {

New-UDSideNavItem -Text "page1" -PageName "page1" -Icon group


New-UDDashboard -Navigation $Navigation

I’ll make sure this gets fixed in the next version.

Hi Adam, this problem does not appear to be resolved as of v1.2.9

Can you verify that you updated your dashboard to run with the newer framework version? It will be pinned to the old version after the upgrade and you’ll have to update the version number by hand.

Hi Adam, it’s still running with 2.9 so I can transplant my dashboards from Universal Dashboard - can this issue not be fixed in 2.9?

You don’t need to upgrade to v3. You just need to update the version of v2 it’s using. In the dashboards.ps1 file, you can change the beta version to the latest one listed in the Dashboard Frameworks page.

That worked, thanks Adam!

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