Navbar - Custom Objects

Hi everyone! I have been looking to add custom objects to the navbar, items like userid, or time would be useful. Eventually i would like to have computername, alerts or approvals in there but all i can see is how to add links, colour or an image on there… Basically a dynamic bar.

I suppose i potentially could remove the bar and add a card in its place but hey, why do things the easy way!

Hey @neo thinking if it’s not documented…it’s not there. So you could now set yourself some homework this weekend and look at modifying the underlying navbar and add in these custom components :slight_smile: be great if I could use my emoji icons in the navbar.
Thinking you might want to stick this in the “enhancement” request category as if the set parameters do not give it to you, then I am assuming it’s not currently available

Well, after my last icon request was so well responded too and you gave me the kick to look into custom components I may look into this but being still new to the whole command set I’m still trying to get my head around it in minimal time… I will take a good look at this as i think its quite a powerful function to have, just not over the weekend!

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