Import additional Icons

Hi, is there a way to import icons rather than using FontAwesome ones? (sorry new to all this but love it)

Hey @neo (sorry matrix springs to mind) welcome to the UD forums. If you are looking for another complete library you could always write a custom component :smile: which I now might make my next task…

Line awesome icons was added on 2.1:

I watched Matrix a few weeks ago so it was on my mind, haha. I have some icons that are corporate ones so to stick with branding I would be interested in helping with a custom component…

Thanks for the quick responses…!

I mean there is new-udimage so you can put what-ever images / icons you want on your dashboard…just throwing that out there…as for a custom component @adam has kindly setup a category for that on this forum with the steps / advice before going. Having done a few myself, I watched the custom component youtube vid a load of times, and studied some real basic react tutorials. Most of the components you can pretty much copy and paste but for the more advanced stuff you need to know your jsx react lingo, which I am still trying to learn.

This actually works well for my use case. Thanks for the advice.

Yo @neo thats awesome to hear, but following on from what I said last night, I did it this morning…I’m about to bring the world of emojis to UD
udemoji2 udemoji
And trust there is oodles and oodles of icons to choose from, about to publish this soon on powershell gallery :smile:

Please tell me the See-No-Evil monkey is in there somewhere :see_no_evil: it’s my boss’ favorite emoji. :smiley:

The complete list is here buddy:-

Guess it will be one of these:-


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Hi @neo I know this is an old thread but I released two new components the other day and

The respective websites are mentioned in the descriptions but these are the links:- and
You can customise the colour and size of any of these icons, and I included every icon :slight_smile:
small demo below:-


Its like you read my mind! this is something i bodged together a few weeks ago but this is a lot better, thanks!!

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No worries @neo hopefully you will be able to put these to good use :+1: I did do a blog here:-

on using these icon components. This blog also covers a few other components I managed to cook-up. :grinning:
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