Multiple Datasets for New-UDMonitor <- Solved!

EDIT: (fixed!)
found Adams example on his Github Page

    New-UDMonitor -Title "CPU" -Id "CPUMonitor" -ChartBackgroundColor @("#80962F23", "#8014558C") -ChartBorderColor @("#80962F23", "#8014558C") -Label @("LOAD", "TEMP") -Type Line -EndPoint {
        Out-UDMonitorData -Data @(
            (((Select-String -Path "C:\logs\data.log" -Pattern "Ident:'/intelcpu/0/load/0' Value:'(\d+).*'").Matches.Groups[1])).Value
            (((Select-String -Path "C:\logs\data.log" -Pattern "Ident:'/intelcpu/0/temperature/0' Value:'(\d+).*'").Matches.Groups[1])).Value

Hello everyone,
would someone be able to provide a UDMonitor Example containing multiple datasets?
so far i only found a picture on github of some code after this feature was implemented alongside multiple dataset integration of “New-UdChart”
I tried modifying a UDChart example, unfortunately without any luck yet…
Thanks in advance and have a nice day!
(below some examples of what I’ve found yet)