Missing chartjs scale registrations in 4.2.13

Just upgraded to 4.2.13 on my development box. One of my charts is now erroring with the following:
Error rendering component (ud-chartjs) Error: “count” is not a registered scale.
I was originally using ‘count’ as the scale type in my options hashtable. So i got on the chartjs site and found that the scale should now by type ‘linear’. So i changed it, restarted the app and got the next error:
Error rendering component (ud-chartjs)Error: “date” is not a registered scale.
OK, so using the chartjs site again i changed the ‘date’ scale to type ‘timescale’
then i got the error: Error: “timescale” is not a registered scale.
Hmm, maybe it should be timeseriesscale? Nope: Error: “timeseriesscale” is not a registered scale
This is a line chart that shows several counted metrics over time. Not too complicated. Anybody have any idea of what is going on? i need to update my production instance and cant do it until i sort this out.

Here is my original Options hashtable:
$Options = @{
type = ‘line’
Data = $CertData
DataSet = @($SectigoCaDataSet, $MarkelSubCaDataSet, $ExpiredCertDataSet, $OtherCertDataSet,$SelfSignedCertDataSet)
LabelProperty = “Date”

    Options       = @{

        showline = $true
        scales   = @{
            xAxes =
                type    = "date"
                stacked = $true

            yAxes =
                type    = "count"
                stacked = $true


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.13

OK, i figured this out. basically just removed the type option and the chart shows correctly. looks like some of the options i cut/pasted from some legacy post are no longer valid.