Markdown Hyperlink not following theme

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.8

I am not sure if anyone else have this issue, but when I convert a URL/hyperlink to markdown the hyperlink does not follow the current theme colors. Anyway I can fix this?


@adam, is there a theme hack or is this a bug?

It might be possible with themes but I would have to play around with it. It also may be possible with UDStyle with selectors for the theme type. Something like this:

New-UDStyle -Style "
:root[data-theme="dark"] {
--md-anchor: white;
:root[data-theme="light"] {
--md-anchor: blue;
a {
    color: var(--md-anchor);
" -Content {

I’d be open to an issue for this though since it’s really hacky to get right.

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Is now fixed. however New-UDHtml does not, added an enhancement for it.

    New-UDMarkdown -Children "[]("