Local Security Authority Process


been pulling my hair out over this as my IIS know how isn’t the best!

noticed that on the server I have running universal that this process periodically maxes out the CPU on the server and if i kill my IIS site it drops back down to almost 0%

Finally found out this afternoon that the process maxing out the CPU actually seems to happen when I browse to the dashboard from a remote device (for example my laptop) and when i close the dashboard on my laptop it drops back down to 0%.

** EDIT **
found that it only seems to happen if i browse the site from my laptop using Firefox. doesn’t occur using Chrome.

Has anyone came across this? Any suggestions on what might be causing it?

Highly doubt its a universal issue, but felt it was worth asking :slight_smile:

Did you update your PSU to run using inProcess hosting model?
hostingModel="InProcess" in web.config

Scroll to the very end in documentation


I did make a change to that but I can’t remember whether it’s currently in or out of process.

Will check that in the morning


changed my web.config back to InProcess but still have the same issue when using Firefox to view the dashboard remotely :frowning:

will play about with it a bit more though