Launching new Powershell window from the toolbar via click selecting powershell 7 doesn't put you in the current solution directory

When i click to launch a new Powershell Window from the Toolbar it puts me in the following directory

PS C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Enterprise\Common7\IDE>

If i click Tools/Command Line/Developer Powershell it puts me in the correct solution folder.

Upon reading the latest release notes i thought this issue was resolved?

Hey @Capt-Boom,

Can you let me know exactly what steps you are taking? For example, you have a solution open at directory C:\src\mysolution, then you click Tools->Other Windows->PowerShell Interactive Window?

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Can you open the PowerShell Interactive Window within Visual Studio?

View->Other Windows->PowerShell Interactive Window

Is that set to the correct path?

The “Show Console Window” option for PoshTools is mostly for diagnostics so I didn’t realize that you were using that.