Job history functionality decreased

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.4

Since v4.1 or v4.2 it seems like job history is less easy to use. I remember being able to see all jobs listed under the Script’s Jobs tab, now it appears to only show manually executed jobs and there are no filters on that tab to change what shows up.

Additionally, I cannot search by script on the main Jobs screen… only filter by status. I have 1000s of jobs running every day, and because of these changes I have no simple way to see if a specific job is failing intermittently.

I would like to see all job history brought back to the Script’s Jobs tab, and it would also be useful to be able to filter the main Jobs screen by script.

Could we also get a way to filter out scheduled jobs?

I’ve added a feature request in Github: Improve job history functionality / restore some functionality from 3.x days · Issue #2903 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

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I made an issue regarding this earlier this week. job history on scripts should return in 4.2.5