Issues with PSU 1.5.0 - UD 3.2.0

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.0
Dashboard: 3.2.0


Here are the issues I found so far since I upgraded to 1.5.0:

  • newly generated tokens with never as end date don’t work.
  • Get-PSUJob -Script (Get-PSUScript -Name “script.ps1”) returns nothing

anyone is having the same issues ?

We fixed the issue with the Get-PSUJob cmdlet in the main branch (will be in 1.5.1) but still investigating the never end date. Looks like if you actually set the app token too far in the future ASP.NET core gets mad and doesn’t validate the token. Looking into that one still.

Thx a lot for your feedback adam !

btw I’m facing another issue with Invoke-UAScript / Invoke-PSUScript even tho the call is correct, was working flawlessly on 1.4.9 those call ain’t working anymore.

Invoke-UAScript -Script (Get-PSUScript -Name ‘Get-Data.ps1’) -ADUserName ‘username’ -UserDomain ‘domain.lab’
Invoke-UAScript -Id 3 -ADUserName ‘username’ -UserDomain ‘domain.lab’

Invoke-UAScript : Cannot retrieve the dynamic parameters for the cmdlet. Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source

I installed the nightly 1.5.1 but still facing the same problem…

Is anyone having the same problem ?

@adam / @AlonGvili can you take a look into this ?

Yep. I will take a look today.

We are running into this same issue and error message when trying to run Invoke-UAScript. I tested with both scripts that have parameters and those that don’t, but neither works. All of our API’s that call UA scripts are broken since the upgrade to 1.5.1.

well it is fixed with the 1.5.2

if you do Invoke-PSUScript -Script (Get-PSUScript “test.ps1”) / Invoke-PSUScript -Name (Get-PSUScript “test.ps1”) or / Invoke-PSUScript -Name “test.ps1” it works

if you do Invoke-PSUScript -Script “test.ps1” as per the examples it doesn’t … weird !

This will be fixed in tonight’s nightly. We will likely be releasing 1.5.2 after some additional validation. We’re working on a large set of integration tests so that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Hi @adam,

Thx a lot for your reactivity, much appreciated, I’ll be able to present the dashboard on monday.

I have another question for you, I noticed that everytime I create a new script or edit / save a script the dashboard are restarting. Is that a normal phenomenon ? It feels like it’s not, but I’d rather ask.

Thanks again for your help and support ! Cheers !

This is an issue with auto-restart. You can disable auto start on the dashboard and it will stop doing that.

The problem is that because dashboards can use any number of files within the folder, any change in the folder is causing the dashboard to restart.

We have some ideas how to make this smarter so you don’t experience this.