Is there a way to filter Health Checks?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.8

While learning about how to use the PowerShell Universal Desktop client, I noticed that there was a “card” that showed that my instance is passing 4 Health Checks, but there were 2 with Warnings. So when I clicked on that card and went to that “Health Checks” screen, I had something like 20 pages of Health Checks.

Well, I just wanted to see the ones that were warnings, but I was unable to locate an easy way to do so outside of just sorting the Status column.

So I tried to type in the word “Warning” into the search box, but that didn’t pull back the ones that had the status of Warning. Granted I could change the number of Health Checks showing from 10 to 100/page, but then that just means I would need to stilly rely on the sorting of the Status column.

So is there something that I am missing in regards to how to filter the Health Checks so that I choose what Statuses or Nodes or whatever I want to see?