How does health checks work?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.1

Health checks. PSScriptAnalyzer is installed but psu health checks is saying it isnt?

Was PSScriptAnalyzer installed prior to the health check running? I didn’t have it on my setup initially. Had to install it and re-run health checks.

If it wasn’t installed prior how did you install it? I installed it via the modules page from within Universal.

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It needs to be installed as @turnitoff_onagain. It’s primarily looking in the integrated environment for this module.

I reinstalled it for all users on the device and re-ran health checks and no luck

Install it via the Platform > Modules page in the admin console. Clock the Local dropdown and select PSGallery.


You are correct. Thank you sir.

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So I am using the PowerShell Universal Desktop client and I don’t see the option for PSGallery. I tried searching for the module, but I couldn’t find it. Are there different steps for the Desktop version of PSUniversal?