Invoke-UaScript - Call failed with status code 403 (Forbidden): POST

Hi, trying to get Invoke-UaScript to work but no luck so far.
I am able to connect to UA server from my console / PowerShell window, and get the scripts, status of jobs etc, but I am unable to invoke the scripts I have.

Connect-PSUServer -ComputerName “http://localhost:5000” -AppToken AppToken Invoke-UAScript -Id 18 -TamCustomer _.CustomerId -AppToken $AppToken (tried without $Apptoken as well)
(I get the same error if I try to invoke the scripts from my Dashboard)

Error code is: Invoke-UAScript : Call failed with status code 403 (Forbidden): POST http://localhost:5000/api/v1/script/18

(Same error with 1.2.8 and I am now on 1.2.9)

Running the job manually from the script list works fine.

Any suggestions? :wink:

Oh well, better own up to own incompetence here, App token had only read permissions… granted new one, and it all works as it should! :wink: