Intermittent failure to start job

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.15
Windows Server 2019 - Run as service

I’ve got an automation process I’m in final production testing on. It consists of two scripts, and one starts the other.

In my testing the last couple days as I’ve been working out issues I’ve run into this error when attempting to start jobs from the one script to queue up the other. This doesn’t happen every time, or with every script. It seems to just occur at a random chance. I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this, or if Adam might have an inclination to what the error really means. At the moment, I’ve got the second script being called by the first one set to only 3 concurrent jobs, and my tests have only been 2 at a time anyway. There is at least a small pause between each script getting started. Any input is appreciated.


Jobs work by starting a PS process. After it’s started, it calls back to the server to indicate it’s up and running. If this takes more than 5 seconds, you’ll see this error. This communication happens before your script is called. I’ve seen this happen when there is resource exhaustion on a server.

You can tweak the timeout settings and enable enhanced logging by tweaking these settings in appsettings.json:

  "UniversalAutomation": {
    "JobHandshakeTimeout": 5,
    "JobDebugging": false,
    "ContinueJobOnServerStop": false

These logs come directly from the job process and will end up as individual temp files in the %TEMP% directory.