Installing PowerShell Universal on an on-prem Windows management server that has third party CMDLETS installed (vCenter, Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V)

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

Hi Team,
First of, this is a great piece of software - keep up the great work!

I am a Infra Architect looking to purchase this solution - my plans are to install this on-prem in our Windows environment and reverse proxy/DMZ this to make this publicly available without the need for a VPN. we might even try and use Azure Application Proxy for this which would be great, then that way we can hit (for example) then with RBAC/SSO SAML kicking in, authenticate and then get presented with the software.

As mentioned in the subject, i have a couple of questions

  1. What do you think about the above solution, i see no issues in this?

2.Let’s say for example i install this on a server on-prem called PROD-MGMT01 (management server) with all the required third party CMDLETS installed like VMware PowerCLI, Azure CLI and Exchange etc. - would i then theoretically be able to login via the reverse proxy solution we design (, launch a script called “create new vSphere VM.PS1” and it will kick off the script on the management box that then runs the script against our vCenter server and output me the results?


All the questions you have listed is posible, i have all of our infrastructure hosted in AWS and am using almost everything you have mentioned plus including login behind load balancer with ssl and two factor aauthontication etc. And run command and scripts related to other functions with output and progress …

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Thanks for the reply!
just one thing i don’t get is how if i (using my example and scenario above) login via reverse proxy to and then launch the new vm script (which is actually on my management box) of course this would’t work unless i specifically install those VMware PowerCLI CMDLETs on the management box - so how does it know to query the cmdlets?

The server hosting PSU needs to have whatever modules u need to communicate with other servers its basically rendering manual cmdlets into a web interface.
so if u can do something manually logging in to the server u can do it thru PSU.

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Exactly what i wanted to hear! thanks for the help!