Implement CAS authentification


I’m work for a Public School and we use CAS authentication SSO. This SSO is widely use in University/K12 environnement.
Any plan to add this authentication ?
More information about CAS with .NET :
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Hi @baptiste first off WELCOME TO THE UD FORUMS, GREAT TO HAVE YOU HERE. not having used this myself, is there any powershell functions out there on the web that you could do a query on the username? As I am sure if you found that you could use that…I mean when I did my first login page I do not believe it was documented how to login with Active Directory…so I created a LoginPage with a NEW-UDAuthenticationMethod endpont, that has two functions, one to test the credential, and the other to verify that user belongs to a specific security group…hope this gives you some ideas, as I am sure you could do this in the current UD.

Hi @psDevUK, thanx for your advice. I really need CAS authentification for my project. I’ve read the New-UDAuthenticationMethod, but this endpoint don’t allow CAS login.
A Webapp whith CAS authentication redirect to a CAS Server and doesn’t handle authentication. CAS Server call the WebApp in return to grant access. Some user attributes may include to the access ticket.
I don’t know if it clear…

Hello @baptiste although I supported schools in the past, I never came across this technology before so I know I am not the best person on this subject…however anything you can do in powershell, you can do in UD. So here is how I authenticate:-

I uploaded as much of a dashboard I could without endpoints as all custom to the custom database I designed…Anyways have a butchers at this and how I am linking things together…what I was trying to imply earlier is if there is a function/module that someone has written in powershell to authenticate against the type of login authentication you are using then you could use that in your FormLogin.ps1 as I have done. Sorry I cannot give you a direct answer, but hopefully this will give you a better idea of how you can implement this? Peace

Can you please file an issue on the GitHub for UD? I can take a look at implementing it. I have had no experience with it either so it will take some research.

Thanx for your quick answer. I will create an issue on Github quickly.
By the way, you’re made an amazing tool.



CAS authentification is a web http authentication, nothing seems to be done with Powershell at this time.
More details about CAS :