Image sizing for web page

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

This is the code I have that calls an image. However the image is not located on page where I’d like it. How can I move the image?

$Pages += New-UDPage @AdditionalParameters -Name “Holland” -Content {

New-AppBar -Title "Holland"

    New-UDContainer {

    New-UDGrid -Container -Content {

        New-UDGrid -Item -extrasmallsize 12 -Content {

            New-UDImage -url  'http://localhost:5000/images/f2.png' 

Personally from using UD I would stick to the New-UDColumn command which is shown here:-
and you can use this within the grid.
This also shows other tips on spacing within a grid, but depending where you want the image to appear, you could insert a empty column before the image to more centre the image on the page if you get me…?

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