Hyperlink in new-udtable cell

how do you create a link in a specific cell in a new-udtable

i have tried using new-udlink as per below with no luck

any feedback much appreciated thanks

$data = @(

@{Query="Link1"; Result = New-UDLink -Text "Link1" -Url "https://www.poshtools.com"}

@{Query="Link2"; Result = New-UDLink -Text 'Link2' -OnClick (
Invoke-UDRedirect http://www.ironmansoftware.com


New-UDTable -Data $Data

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.21

Hey @Srichman0128,

You’ll want to use custom column rendering to achieve this: Table - PowerShell Universal

From my understanding this would be used for every row in the column is it possible to apply to only 1 row or cell?

You can’t do it for a single cell but you can put some logic in the render to return the custom hyperlink for some rows.

New-UDTableColumn -Render {
     if ($EventData.MyProperty -eq 'Cool') {
     } else {
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