Has anyone come up with a clever way of getting HTTP_USER_AGENT out of the request? I have some buttons (accessing remote windows PCs) that only work in Edge’s looser security.

Hey @OpsEng if it’s possible put some code up with what you are trying to do, or what you have working, but want to extend on, and I am sure some other community members will pitch in.

Cheers mate. For example, a button to open a remote workstation’s admin share. Chrome doesn’t allow this (without a plugin), but IE and Edge don’t care. If I can pull the client browser from the request, I’m hoping to hide the button if it can’t be used.

New-UDMuButton -ID "UDButton_Cdrive" -Text "Open \\$SystemName\C`$ " -Variant contained -FullWidth -OnClick {
   Try {	Invoke-UDRedirect -Url "file://$SystemName/c$/"	}
   Catch {	Show-UDToast -Message {$error[0]}	}

UD 2.5.3 community, IIS, Server 2012 R2

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