How to make dark theme default?

Hey is there a easy way to have pages start in the dark mode?

Sorry @SnV which product are you referring to as it has not been tagged in the question…Thanks

its PU V3

Just had a quick butchers at the documentation page…is this what you are after?

That to me would be the page to look at anyways :grinning:

I cant see in here how to have the dark theme default. Am I missing something.

i can configure the Dark and Light Options but when I hit the page light is always enabled first.

Rather than build the default setup as a dark profile I just want all pages to be using the dark (default built into PU) theme on load and then have the option to switch to light.

Just to clarify I have not built a theme I am using the defaults that came with PU. But as above light theme is the default on load and trying to switch that to dark.

We’ll have to add an option to New-UDDashboard or something to get this to work. The light theme is hardcoded to be default at the moment.

There is now an option for this.

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