How to cancel job in "Cancelling" state

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.12

I have a few jobs on different schedules for the same script that never stopped running, causing other successive jobs to start failing. I cancelled the jobs and while other jobs were able to run successfully, the job never left the Cancelling state. This is starting to happen for multiple jobs:

Is there any way to cancel these jobs? My first thought was the Task Manager, but without being able to correctly ID the process I am afraid to end a process without knowing what it is for. Is there any other way to ensure the job is cancelled? I have already tried restarting the PowerShellUniversal service, but the job never left the Cancelling state. I have also tried Get-PSUJob -Id 3744 | Stop-PSUJob, but it with no effect.

Have you tried from the Hangfire dashboard?

I just took a look at that for the first time. I did not know it existed. It looks like it only stores more recent runs though. Given that the jobs in question have been cancelling for a few days, they do not appear. Unless I am mistaken

They aren’t showing in any of the options under Jobs?


This is what I see. I do not see anything for a Cancelling status, unless I am missing something

I got the same issue.

Job doesnt want to cancel, new jobs fails, and the hangfire dashboard is not useful at all. It doesnt show any of my scheduled jobs etc.
restarting the service does nothing.

Trying to upgrade to 4.2.13 as last resort.

Edit, no difference on .13

I havent personally seen this issue, but I’ve currently started using PSU in anger for automations as well as apps. Have you guys logged an issue for this in github?

The issue is probably only visual. but 've created a issue for it.

Cancelled jobs stuck at cancelling · Issue #3164 · ironmansoftware/issues (

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@PorreKaj - I also saw this, I’ve commented in your issue but figured I’d also drop a note here. (I’m on 4.2.17)