How do I set the border width on doughnut charts?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.0

Hi, I’m having trouble with the borders on doughnut charts. I’m trying to wrap each wedge/arc in a small black border. Changing the value of -BorderColor on New-UDChartJS doesn’t seem to have a discernable effect. Here is my code:

New-UDChartJS -Type 'doughnut' -Data $ServerHealthCheckData -DataProperty 'Count' -LabelProperty 'HealthStatus' -BackgroundColor @(
) -Options @{
	legend = @{  
		display = $false  
	title = @{
		display = $true
		text = "$servertype"
    #this doesn't work, just testing
	elements = @{
		arc = @{
			borderWidth = 2
} -BorderColor '#000000' -OnClick { 
	Show-UDToast -Message $Body -Duration 5000

The OnClick $body shows that borderWidth is set to 0 for any wedge I click, so maybe that’s it? I tried forcing it with elements.arc.borderwidth in the Options parameter (a few different ways, one shown above), but maybe I’m just doing it the wrong way?

Also, for anyone looking for this in the forum search, you can pass -BackgroundColor an array of colors (shown above) to get different colored pie wedges. Took me a while to solve that so I figured I’d leave that here for anyone looking :wink: