Point radius for line charts

I feel like the dots on the chart are too big:

Is there a way to change this?

The Chart.js documentation shows that datasets have pointRadius properties – how can I change this property? New-UDBarChartDataset does not accept -pointRadius, and New-UDChart will not take -Options @{pointRadius = 1}

The code I’m using for this:

    New-UDChart -Title "Vulnerabilities" -BackgroundColor "#232323" -Type "Line" -Endpoint {
        #False data for now
        $Data = @(

                                  #LabelProperty = Y-Axis      DataProperty = X-Axis
        $Data | Out-UDChartData -LabelProperty "Date"  -Dataset @( 
            New-UDBarChartDataset -Label "Critical" -DataProperty Critical -BackgroundColor "#30f02525" -BorderColor "#f02525" -BorderWidth 2
            New-UDBarChartDataset -Label "High" -DataProperty High -BackgroundColor "#30ff944c" -BorderColor "#ff944c" -BorderWidth 2
            New-UDBarChartDataset -Label "Medium" -DataProperty Medium -BackgroundColor "#30eaec07" -BorderColor "#eaec07" -BorderWidth 2
    } # End Vuln UDChart