How do i run dashboard.ps1 in powershell Core 6.1 on a windows machine with IIS

Hi Guys,

i have been searching the web for a answer and i could not find one, i have IIS setup and universal dashboard installed and working properly on windows powershell 5.1.

i have decided to try running the dashboard.ps1 file in powershell core 6.1 for future update and to compare speed so i have installed powershell core 6.1 and using the powershell 6 terminal i have re installed universal dashboard.

what am struggling with is what do i need to do with dashboard.ps1 to make sure it runs using powershell core 6.1 and not windows powershell 5.1.

so far i have tried to create a new file named dashborad.ps1 and i have add this line in it
pwsh.exe .\test.ps1
were test.ps1 is my original dashboard.ps1 and i have recycled the appPool in IIS and it did not work

so i guess the main Q here is how to run the original dashboard.ps1 in IIS and making sure its using powershell core instead of windows powershell 5.1

Thank you.

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