HideAdminConsole not working as expected

when setting HideAdminConsole : true in appsettings.json the behavior is you no longer able to access the admin console under any account that belongs to any of the built in roles.

when trying to access the admin page after entering the credentials its just keep refreshing to enter the creds again.

it should be that when the HideAdminConsole: true only accounts belongs to any of built in roles should be able to access the admin panel except accounts belongs to custom roles.

looks like a bug.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.13

Same issue for me, can you report this to there git?

FWIW, I see this issue back in 1.5.11 as well.

This is just how that setting was design. It just completely turns off the admin console.

Users that aren’t part of any of the default groups should not have access to the admin console without having to change this setting.