Help with tables

Hey Adam,

I am getting a strange issue with tables, I get all the information back but when the data renders, it shows undifined:

$Cache:ClientData = Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance "Serverm" -Database "DB" -Query "SELECT * FROM ConnectionLog WHERE (MessageType = 4 or MessageType = 43) and RepositoryID = '$vaultID' AND CreationDate < '$ToDateTime' and CreationDate >= '$FromDateTime' ORDER BY CreationDate DESC"

In powershell this command works and returns all the data:

$ReportColumns = @(
			New-UDTableColumn -Property LoggedUserName -Title "User name"
			New-UDTableColumn -Property Message -Title "Message"
			New-UDTableColumn -Property ConnectionName -Title "Connection Name"
			New-UDTableColumn -Property ConnectionTypeName -Title "Connection Type"
			New-UDTableColumn -Property StartDateTimeUTC -Title "Start Time"
			New-UDTableColumn -Property EndDateTimeUTC -Title "End Time"
		New-UDTable -filter -Data $Cache:ClientData -columns $ReportColumns  

This is what generates the table.

This is in powershell

I wokred it out, its due to the output having more that the colums in the table. when I do a select on the object for just whats in my table it works.