Get-UDElement failing

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.8.2

So I am developing a CSV processing dashboard that allows a user to upload a CSV, preview the CSV and choose a column (usually an email address or UPN), then for each row looks up users from Active Directory based on the selected column, adding extra properties then displaying the new table.
The plan was then to allow the user to perform certain tasks based on selections from the new table, however, the selection stops working once the table get over a particular size (tens of rows are fine, hundreds of rows fails).
With a bit of debugging it seems to be caused by Get-UDElement failing.

Is this a bug or a know limitation? Are there any ways around this?

I too have noticed this behavior near the end of the day yesterday and was going to do a bit more troubleshooting. Nothing of consequence changed in my code between the upgrade of 2.8.1 to 2.8.2 when I noticed the problem. Works with 37 rows and doesn’t at 42. I’ll create some test data to get the exact number when I get a chance.


I was mistaken with my 42 answer; it worked and I just hadn’t had coffee yet. :slight_smile:
The actual number of rows where I notice it fails is 63.

I have a feeling I know what is causing this. We made an adjustment to improve performance of Get-UDElement to use web sockets rather than an HTTP post. I’m guessing there is an upper limit on a websocket message and you’re running into that.

I’ll open an issue for this.

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