Get-Service New-UdGrid \ Out-UDGridData is outputing status number not string

My UDgrid is returning a number rather than “running”:

   New-UdColumn -Size 12 {
        New-UdGrid -Title "Service" -Endpoint {
            Get-Service | Select-Object name,DisplayName,Status | Out-UDGridData

Output of
Get-Service | Select-Object name,DisplayName,Status | Out-UDGridData
“Name”: “AarSvc_4fb90db”,
“DisplayName”: “Agent Activation Runtime_4fb90db”,
“Status”: 4

The below works correctly
Get-Service | Select-Object name,DisplayName,Status

Is there something odd with New-UdGrid or Out-UDGridData?

Get-Service | Out-UDGridData
Lags out and never ends

Same happens if you throw the output of invoke-SQL at it. Hmm

Hi Maylife,
The get-service returns an “number” for status, and powershell handles the beatification and makes it readable everytime you reference it.
Test the following command:
get-service -name wuauserv | select Name, Status | convertto-json

You can see that it stores the “status” as a number. Working solution is to do an foreach-object before piping it into Out-udgriddata
get-service -name wuauserv | select Name, Status | ForEach-Object {
Name = _.Name Status = [string]_.Status
} | out-udgriddata


Hi Bosen29

Thank you for your quick and detailed reply it fully solved my issue.
It really helped me get my head around it.

I did some formatting, so in the case anyone else needs it:

New-UDColumn -Size 12 {
       New-UDGrid -Title "Service" -Endpoint {
           Get-Service | select Name, DisplayName, Status | ForEach-Object {
                 [PSCustomObject] @{
                     "Name" = $_.Name
                     "Display Name" = $_.DisplayName
                     "Status" = [string]$_.Status
            } | Out-UDGridData

Thank you for your help :smiley: