Cannot get New-UDDataGrid to output any information!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.12

No matter what we try, we cannot get New-UDDataGrid to output any content!

This is the current code that I have:

$Endpoint = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri https://xxx:5463/BugTracking -Method Get

New-UDDataGrid -LoadRows {
    $Data = @($Endpoint) | ForEach-Object { @{state = "$($_.State)"; title = "$($_.Title)"; tags = "$($_.Tags)"; assignedto = "$($_.Assignedto)"; description = "$($_.Description)"}}
        rows = [Array]$Data
        rowCount = $Data.Length
    } -Columns @(
        @{field = "state"}
        @{field = "title"}
        @{field = "tags"}
        @{field = "assignedto"}
        @{field = "description"}

We’ve tried a whole heap of different ways, but I’m trying to keep it simple for the time being. We’re just querying an endpoint, getting the data and want to display it.

Can anyone point us in the right direction or let us know what we’re doing wrong?



missing | Out-UDDataGridData -Context $EventData?

   rows = [Array]$Data
   rowCount = $Data.Length
}  | Out-UDDataGridData -Context $EventData

Data Grid | v4 | PowerShell Universal

Must have been having a brain fart!