Failed to query apps. TypeError: is not a function This is a connection error. Click Settings to adjust your connection settings or App Tokens to generate a new token

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.9

I am taking another stab at trying to get the VS Code extension working with my locally hosted docker container.

Currenlty, my dashboard is accessable under the URL: http://localhost:5000

I have created an app token and adeed to that to the VS Code settings page:

When trying to load my app the following error pops up:
2023-08-15 14_18_59-settings.json - IA-Cloud Frontend (Workspace) - Visual Studio Code

I can see in the terminal PSU tries to run the command

Connect-PSUServer -ComputerName 'http://localhost:5000' -AppToken 'reallylongapptokenhere'

The error generated is: Connect-PSUServer: Response could not be deserialized to JSON: GET http://localhost:5000/api/v1/accessible

In line with this forum post when i try an Invoke-WebRequest this returns status 200 too.

I have tried to crack this problem before with no luck.

Are there any settings I am missing here?