Error occurred during a cryptographic operation - SQL Stored PSCredentials

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.8

We recently purchased a second node of PSU to run in our enviornment. In doing this, we also migrated to a SQL server, and git integration to ensure changes are synced across both nodes.

When setting up our PSCredential secret objects, we chose the database as the storage vault. However, we are now seeing intermittent issues where scripts cannot access the credential object, and just report an error of

Error executing job: Error occurred during a cryptographic operation.

This is occurring across all stored credentials, and is intermittent. We’re seeing about 200 of 800 jobs failing for this reason.

Has anyone run across this issue before when using the Database stored variables?

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I’ve seen this reported and this is the issue. We’re targeting a fix for 3.8.12

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Perfect, thank you. I’ll workaround using local variables for the time being.