Error changing roles of users in PSU v2.0


I downloaded v2.0 of PSU and was testing roles out for users and got a strange error when I tried to set a policy on an Identity.


Anyone else getting this issue? I also noticed that all my previous identity’s roles were nullified with the v2.0 upgrade. Possible clue?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0

I can’t reproduce this at the moment but I have seen that exact error in other parts of the admin console. I’ll open an issue for this and try to get to the bottom of it.

Does this happen every time you try to set a role? Were your roles set to policy defined before you upgraded or did you have other roles defined for identities?

Only when I set the role to be ‘Policy Defined’. It works for other roles custom roles, just not ‘Policy Defined’.

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Can you do me a favor and open the development tools in your browser (F12 usually) and then cause this error to happen? In the console it should show and error with a stack trace you can expand. I’m just wondering if it will provide the decompiled names of the methods so I can trace this a bit better.

Perfect. Thank you!

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I’ve been seeing that page show up throughout the Admin console settings pages when my session times out. if i refresh it forces login and then it’s fine. Hope this helps some.

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Thanks. It looks like our session timeout isn’t working correctly.

My upgrade to 2.0.2 fixed this issue - thanks!

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