1.4.7->1.50 Upgrade Questions

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5

I had 1.4.7 installed via MSI, and yesterday I upgraded to 1.5 via MSI. Was their anything particular I needed to do prior to upgrading, as I noticed a few odd things:

  • Identities I had previously setup are no longer there. We are authenticating users against AD, defaulting new users to Reader mode unless we change their identities from Policy. I had to put $true back in for Admin account to gain access again.

  • I seem to be missing the Execute role, do I need to manually create this?

I am also having the second issue after upgrading to 1.5.2 today - I see the same three roles as the previous versions. I uninstalled the previous version (but didn’t remove any data directories) and installed 1.5.2 via MSI.


Hmmm. This is a miss on our part in terms of documentation and possibly upgrade path.

If you have modified the roles.ps1 file, we won’t actually update it to include the execute role. You’ll need to create the role yourself in your roles.ps1 and then should be able to assign users to the policy or through identities.


The identities stayed this time once updating to 1.5.2. However, now I am unable to change any of the identities and they all revert back to Policy Defined.