Endpoint with Authentication with multiple roles associated

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.15

I have an endpoint with enabled authentication. If I want to add an additional role in the administration website of the endpoints I can only change the role and not add it. If I change it, I get a 404 and the endpoint disappears. It also disappears in the endpoints.ps1 file.

If I recreate the endpoint I can add more than one role (if I activate authentication). So there seem to be two bugs:

  1. If I change the role of an endpoint, the endpoint gets deleted.
  2. I can’t add additional roles of an endpoint - I can only change it (which leads to the deletion of the endpoint due to bug 1, but the UI seems to support it). If I create a new endpoint I can add multiple roles (so this seems for me also like a bug). I didn’t try if I can change the roles of an endpoint already created with multiple roles.