.editorconfig support in VS 2022?

Hello, I find that the ps1 files dont seem to respect the editorconfig settings in the VS 2022 solutions. I have this section for PowerShell

# PowerShell files
indent_size = 4
indent_style = tab

but it doesn’t set the indent style to tab, its always spaces, and I can’t vary the tab width by changing indent_size. Also is there a setting that allows it to start the braces ({) on a newline for an if block? editorconfig has these settings for c# but I don’t know if they will apply for a PS file.

csharp_new_line_before_open_brace = all
csharp_new_line_before_else = true
csharp_new_line_before_catch = true
csharp_new_line_before_finally = true
csharp_new_line_before_members_in_object_initializers = true
csharp_new_line_before_members_in_anonymous_types = true
csharp_new_line_between_query_expression_clauses = true