Duplicate Hangfire Jobs?

Should I have two copies of the “Heartbeat” and “Git Sync” jobs scheduled? My Hangfire looks like this:

On a related note: Is it correct that the Git sync job is still running every minute even while I’m in manual Git sync mode?

Just trying to eliminate causes of the memory usage creeping up over time!


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4.3

The bottom two items should not be scheduled. I honestly thought that we had a clean up step during start up to remove those legacy items. The top two are the correct ones.

In terms of the git sync service running, the manual mode only refers to pushes and not pulls. In manual mode, the push will only occur when you make and edit and then save it. Pulls will still happen on a regular interval.

OK cool. I’ll see if I can delete the leftover ones.

Still seeing memory usage grow over time. I guess it still could be the Git sync job. I changed my groom interval to 59 minutes and the memory usage still grows at a regular pace rather than jumping every hour, so it’s not that.

If you’re interested in dropping a memory dump my way, you can open a support case. I’m happy to take a peek. [support@ironmansoftware.com]

I’d be happy to! Showing my ignorance: What’s the best way to get a memory dump from an Azure App Service?

Click on the Advanced Tools to go to the Kudu portal from the App Service.
Click Process Explorer at the top
Click Properties for the Universal.Server process
Scroll down and click Download memory dump

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OK I’m going to restart the app service first and let it simmer for a few hours. Clicking “download memory dump” was giving me a 5xx error. Maybe it was too big (it was already up to 500+ GB after 24 hours).

Will let PSU run without launching any scripts for a couple of hours and then shoot you a dump file.