Doubling up Dynamic Pages

Hello all, I did some looking for this topic but wasn’t able to find anything.

I’m currently trying to create some dynamic pages in a tiered fashion from user inputs. EG: I have two or more dynamic pages starting at “/dynamic/” one being “/dynamic/:servername” and the next being “/dynamic/:servername/:newpage”.

Using New-UDInputAction -redirect will redirect to the correct url, however it seems the inner page doesn’t pull it’s own content from the separate page I set up for it, it always runs the content from the :servername page. Can I create dynamic sub-pages in this manner?

Here’s some sample code:

$Dynamic01 = New-UDPage -Url “/dynamic/:servername” -Endpoint {

$ScriptColors = @{
    BackgroundColor = "#5A5A5A"
    FontColor = "#FFFFFF"

New-UDCard @ScriptColors -Title "Welcome to a dynamic page, $servername!" -Text "This is a dynamic page. The content of the page is determined by the URL."
New-UDInput -Title "newName Input Title" -id 'newName' -Content {
    New-UDInputField -Name "newName" -type select -Values $newName
} -Endpoint {

    New-UDInputAction -Toast "You chose: $newName"
    New-UDInputAction -RedirectUrl "/dynamic/$servername/$newName"


$Dynamic02 = New-UDPage -Url “/dynamic/:servername/:newName” -endpoint {
New-UDCard -title ‘test’ -Text ‘dynamic02’