Distributed setup

Hi all.

I need some help to design a hub and spoke system around PowerShell universal.

I have one master installation of PowerShell Universal hosted in Azure where technical staff will be able to view dashboards and set up automation to be run against other PowerShell Universal instances on customer sites behind firewalls.

I’m limited to not doing any firewall changes and cannot therefore not port forward the API endpoint so the master instances can call it.

We need to be able to run scripts and ad-hoc commands for those remote instances and have them return the data called for.

What would the best way forward be?

Thanks for reading and possibly replying!

After reading and searching for a solution I came across ngrok in the following article

I then came up with the following diagram to show the system design

In this design, we see the local PowerShell Universal servers being able to talk to AD and Citrix DDC and push their data to the main site

On further reading i came across this documentation

This might solve the task, I will report back