Displaying videos in PSU

Product: PowerShell Universal

Version: 1.5.14

Hi, I have searched around and i cannot find the ability to play a video on PSU, I’m sure someone has worked this out so HELP!!

I tried @AlonGvili New-UdVideoPlayer but that doesn’t seem to work, or i have some incorrect parameters, i have also tried (@psDevUK) to build a custom component for vlc player but again, not a lot of success with that… In previous versions i used New-UDMuCardMedia but that seems to have been depreciated in v3

Any thoughts?

Getting one step further…

                New-UdHtml -Markup {
                    <video width="1000" autoplay muted>
                        <source src="https://test-videos.co.uk/vids/bigbuckbunny/mp4/h264/1080/Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_1MB.mp4" type="video/mp4">
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It does look like Material UI still supports the card media so we should be able to bring that back. I’ll open an issue for it.

Hi @neo have you tried:-
? Or if you can find me a media player component out there happy to cook something up, as I can now build components for PSU as of about 5 minutes ago…Wahoo!

Yo @neo
UDPlayer works in PSU…now you can get your video on :smile:

Always there with a solution eh @psDevUK Superb!

The thing that was annoying with UdHtml is in the video block i cant use variables which is tough in my environment. Ill give UdPlayer a go, i didnt see that before so thanks!

I was looking at any of the react vlc players that are on npmjs.com but i think this will get me through!

Thanks @adam but this is super low priority as there are fixes for it above.

Cheers all!


By the way there is some information on this component right here:-

if you haven’t seen the link for the project page yet…anyways any issues let me know, but a simple test last night proved successful in PSU for me, playing a classic tune on youtube in PSU.