Disable forms based authetication

If I’m using windows authentication should I be able to disable forms authentication? Roles and windows authentication should be all I need.

I think I’m just confused. If I have windows authentication enabled i should’nt be redirected to login page when going to a authenticated dashboard? Roles are configured to evaluate account which works. What am I missing?

There currently isn’t a way to disable the forms\cookie auth completely at the server level. You can prevent users from logging in by returning an unsuccessful auth result but the cookie middleware will still run. I’ve added an item to the backlog to make this possible.

I have the form based authentication return false. The problem is the authenticated dashboards are not processing the passd through windows authentication. It redirects to the login page for authentication. I can login through the admin console with pass through windows authentication.

Ok. I think we need to disable this in the middleware inside the PSU web app. We’re looking into how to achieve this.


I am experience the same problem. It will only authenticate after i put my domain username and password in, if i recycle the app pool, i have to put my credentials in again.