Disable Auto Reload - Breaks the ability for reload the configuration through api

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.9.17
  • Set “Disable auto reload” to true
  • Invoke post for /api/v1/configuration
Invoke-RestMethod 'https://psu/api/v1/configuration' -Method 'POST' -Headers $headers -Body $body

The request spins. Not sure how this is “best practice” link to doc

The only way I can get the changes to reload is to bounce the PowerShellUniversal service, which doesn’t seem like the correct approach here.

Does everyone use the PSU UI to do their work?

I rarely use PSU UI, practically everything is done in the back end ps1 files for me.
My dashboards/apps are structured in a way that has my pages dot sourced, so that I can modify them on the fly, the only time I need to resync my config or restart my app is when changing roles (this is rare since I have them all defined and looking up from SQL tables), adding pages, modifying the menu or header.


New-UDPage -Name "pagename" -Content {
            . "fullpathtopagecontent.ps1"

The dot sourced file is loaded every time the page is rendered, meaning you can make changes on the fly and refresh and you’re good to go.
I imagine you can do the same for endpoints and other aspects.

Also, on your original point, try using:
Sync-PSUConfiguration -Reset -Integrated