Difficulty configuring Git integration with internal git repository

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.8


We have an existing Git repository hosted on a server in our network and just started using PowerShell Universal. We’d like to use our existing repo as the source of our scripts. I’ve tried to get the Git integration working to no avail using the documentation linked inside the PSU portal.

Steps Taken

I have Git and OpenSSH installed, the ssh-agent running as a service and configured to us the SSH key for our Git repo, and have set PSU to use an external Git client. I’ve added the SSH public key used for our repo on our Git server as an authorized key and restarted the sshd service. Nothing seems to work.

Version Information

PSU Version Git Version
3.8.8 2.40.0

Has anyone completed this kind of setup, and if so could you share your wisdom so we can get going on this?

Thank you!