Deleted schedule is still running

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.21

I deleted the following scheduled job but its still running

When you run Get-PSUSchedule -ComputerName https://psudev.redacted/ -UseDefaultCredentials | select script the scheduled job does NOT show up and its not showing up in the admin console either.

Note I have using SQL as the backend.

is it in schedules.ps1?

I have the same issue as well and i have posted an issue about it. in order to delete the schedule you need to to go to admin console and then automation and click on diagnostic button on the top right and that will open hangfire dashboard for you then click on jobs and click on schedule and you should see that schedule there and you should be able to delete it

The main issue right now is deleted schedules are not getting deleted from hangfire dashboard.
Hangfire is were schedules and jobs are stored and executed.

no it is not

I just checked hangfire, and the scheduled job is not there, but the scheduled job is still running despite it showing up under schedules.ps1

schedules.ps1 is no longer created, am using psu with IIS and sql server express as well and currenty my issue if a job didnt run and i tried to delete a schedule it will be deleted from admin console but will remain in hangfire and if i try to create a new schedule it will show the new one in admin console but i will have 2 in hangfire the old one and the new one and i have to delete it manually from hangfire to make it go away.

Found it showing up under re-occuring jobs

Recurring Jobs – Hangfire Dashboard (

also i want to mention that timezone has a issue as well and its not acting right

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