Decomplie an exe file created with Powershell Pro Tools

I created an exe using Powershell Pro Tools merge-script command.
I created this exe over a year ago and I’m not sure if the source code I have is accurate for that current state.

I didn’t use obfuscate and I can’t figure out how to de-compile the exe.

Is there a tool or a method I can use to decompile and see my original PS1 Script?

Tool:  Visual Studio Code,

Send me the exe I think I can extract it.

I appreciate that but i want to know how to do it for myself :smiley: If you could provide the application you use or some detail to point me in the right direction that would be awesome but everything ive used even ghidra i couldn’t figure out how to get the code out…

use dnspy and check resources and save the file.
worked for me

ok so what’s odd is that this works with another file i created using the tools but not this one. i think it may have something to do with the fact i packaged it with Powershell 7


So i somewhat figured it out. It is because it’s packaged with powershell. By pure luck I still had one of the original dll files in temp folder and was able to use that. I’m not sure if there is away to double decomplie. there must be a way but I was able to get what i need for now but would love to learn how to unpackage it in the future.