Data Grid + CRUD

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.10.2

I’m looking for a solution, so that my users can edit exisiting data in a table/grid, remove rows and also add new rows.
For context: I try to provide a user-friendly gui so that my users can lifecycle “rows” in a configuration file (json).

The current Data Grid component does not support all these options, right?
Is this a limitation of the PSU component or the js framework itself?
As there are other frameworks, offering these options, l was wondering if you could support “CRUD” as a feature in an upcoming version of PSU?

Pretty sure you can do this with -Edibable on New-UDDataGridColumn
As for the Add/Remove rows you could just implement that via -Render param and providing buttons for the actions you require.

See: Data Grid | v4 | PowerShell Universal