Dashboard with simple chart showing drive space % for 50 servers?

Hi, just discovered UD and love it! I am looking to build a simple dash that queries the 50 ish servers in our prod environment and shows a chart for each with a simple red / green indicator of whether each server’s drive space is under x%. What I don’t know is whether monitoring that many servers would be too much for UD to handle on one dash. If it’s not, are charts the way to go or can I leverage cards instead?

Any advise on best practices?

Hi @film.nerd sorry I missed this post…I too love UD and the things you can do with it. However after reading your question, would it not be better to put this information into a new-udgrid, then not only will it be easily to display, but will also fit on the page better, and easier to filter. A chart may not always be the best solution. If you really wanted to go the chart option, I don’t think 50 charts on one page would look good, even if they were small, you would still have loads of scrolling to do to get through the page, and you would have to physically look at every chart to make sure they ok. So I personally would split the servers into SQL, FILE, DC,PRINT, etc the role of that server, and have pages displaying each of those. You could also take advantage of the tabs so you just have one page, and not a hamburger menu. Your choice :slight_smile:

One chart options would be to use donut chart. The image below is showing the IO(ps) for about 170 storage arrays. Each of the sections in the donut will popup a small text box of the array name and current IOps. Fits on a single page easily with other data too.