Dashboard to control the display of a dashboard

Hi all,

So I’ve been creating some dashboards which we can display up on a tv on the wall in our office. We currently have this on a 20 second per page cycle, but sometimes we might want to stop on a page, or skip straight to the page we want rather than waiting over a minute for it to cycle (impatient I know!).

I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be cool for us to have a tablet on the table, with buttons which you could press to pause, skip, resume the dashboard showing on the tv.

How do you think I could go about this?

You could potentially achieve this with cached variables and endpoints on your page.
Updating the cache with your tablet, from another page but within the same dashboard, (with variables for settings on how fast rotation should be, if its paused, if a page is skipped, or which current page should be displayed for example.)
Then you could put an endpoint with an auto-refresh on your page that runs a cycle to check values in the cache and trigger invoke-udredirect to bounce to the next page, or stay on the current one, depending on the settings.