How can i get my pages to update the script on a schedule?

How can I get my pages to refresh the data from the script?
I have a page with 2 grids and I have tried autorefresh but the data only updates if I stop the UDdashboard and start it again.

How can I get it to update the grids by running the script contents again?

have a look at this:

Thanks. Looks like what I was missing

I still seem to be missing something.
I have created an endpoint and dumped my script in that.
Then at the end, I put it in a $cache:Var

Then I call my dashboard with the -endpoint parameter, and it is kinda working now. The data does update but it’s not refreshing on the page. I have to hit f5 to see it. Any ideas?

Almost lost my mind over this. took me hours only to realise i had $cached:var instead of $cache:var OMG…

Never mind. I added a refresh to the new-udpage and that appears to have fixed it. I tried on the grid the other time.

you can also only update the element with te data like:

New-UDRow -Endpoint{
    New-UDCard -Title 'var' -Text "$cache:Var"
} -AutoRefresh -RefreshInterval 10 # thats seconds

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I tried on quite a few places but doesn’t work. I tried on New-UDRow, New-UDColumn, New-UDGrid, and on New-UDEndpoint. Only New-UDPage seems to support it.

I would prefer to refresh just the grids or something like that as the webpage flashes when it refreshes and the guys are already complaining about it.