Dashboard to Check if Services Are running

have you tried forcing your object into an array? [array]$servers I’m sure if it was recognised as an array it should work
I’ve recently used that new-udselector a lot for allowing multiple selection, which I am seeing would work in this scenario, of choosing a various servers which is populated via a CSV, SQL, NET VIEW, what-ever once it is in the list you can easily pass those values selected onto other commands.
Was thinking this would be a handy tool for monitoring remote computers:-

Might have to see if @augustin.ziegler is up for another team-up…?

If I get the time at work tomorrow, I could do with a monitoring tool again, one which won’t kill my computers’ CPU when I run it…so I will try to build something…but added a load more tasks on the gantt chart which I am using to monitor all my tasks, so got a lot on at the moment.

great idea this component looks very nice.

@psDevUK sure lets do it … But will do vacation till mid of next week in Croatia … After that i will be your man … :ok_hand:

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@augustin.ziegler hope you have a great time in Croatia, I had some spare time on my hands tonight as all my kids went to bed without issues tonight so I managed to put this working example together:-

This is the code behind the component keeping it consistent with the other google charting components:-

New-UDGaugeChart -Id "GoogleGauge" -Height 200 -Width 480 -Data {
                   New-UDGaugeData -Label "CPU" -Value (Get-WmiObject win32_processor | Measure-Object -property LoadPercentage -Average | Select Average -ExpandProperty Average)
           } -AutoRefresh -RefreshInterval 5

Will do my best to chuck this on the powershell gallery and universaldashboard marketplace over the weekend. You could monitor anything with this gauge chart just need a label and a value to pass to the component via the sub function New-UDGaugeData
@wsl2001 thinking this would be good to get stats back from local and remote computers and seems to work well in UD

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Thank you man , can you kindly post the component code as well so i can test and optimize if needed.

Sure man no worries, I will create a github repository for this and stick it all on there…close to mid-night now where I am…and I don’t want to turn into a pumpkin :crazy_face: so I need to get to bed soon…I will do a new topic for this so people know a new component is out there as this thread has gone off the original topic a bit and it has given birth to a new component

Cool thanks man i ll let you know if any update is done on code so you can update the version later.